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Global Network of Sustainability Solutions Regional Hubs

The Center has global reach and impact through its global network of Sustainability Solutions Regional Hubs, located in key megacities along the Pacific Rim and neighboring areas—including Los Angeles, Mexico City, São Paulo, and Beijing. Local stakeholders in these hubs—including academic partners, the private sector, government, and NGOs—collaborate with researchers who can provide them with multidisciplinary research needed to solve their most intractable sustainability problems. These relationships also facilitate access to data that are typically dispersed across agencies and difficult to obtain and which hold tremendous potential for yielding solutions to local urban problems. This global constellation of solutions hubs facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas leading to new applications and solutions.

Our Hubs

In the coming months, you will be able to learn more about the various initiatives in each of these Hubs.

Los Angeles


New Delhi

Mexico City

Sao Paulo

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