Seed Funding and Ph.D. Fellowships in Energy Transition

The Ershaghi Center for Energy Transition (E-CET) announces the availability of seed funds and Ph.D. fellowships in Energy  Transition. Some of these opportunities are sponsored by Chevron. This year, seven  $50K grants will be awarded in areas related to:

1.       Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage

2.       Hydrogen Production, Transportation, and Storage

3.       Novel Geothermal Systems

4.       Carbon Offsets (Measurement & Verification)

5.       Renewable Fuels and Advanced Mobility

6.       Circular Economy

7.       Energy Storage Systems & Smart Grids

8.       Blockchain or Cybersecurity Technology  

9.       Materials from CO2.

10.     Novel Ideas about Energy Transition Methods

Chevron is also sponsoring 4 Ph.D. Fellowships for 2022-2023 in energy transition research areas. Faculty members may nominate their Ph.D. students who are US Citizens or permanent residents for a one-year fellowship (tuition and $36K/yr stipend). An additional Donald Paul Ph.D. fellowship that does not require US citizenship or permanent residency is available. Upon satisfactory progress, the fellowships may be renewed for another year. The students nominated must be in the 2nd or 3rd year of studies and must have passed the Ph.D. screening exams. The focus areas are:

1.    Unconventional geothermal – open and closed-loop systems.

2.    Novel carbon conversion to valuable products (CO2 and CH4 utilization through biological pathways) is of interest.

3.    Transformational technology for reducing the carbon footprint of O/G operations and normally unattended facilities.

4.    Management of legacy assets in energy production

Applications for these Seed Funds and Ph.D. fellowships are due by 5 PM PDT on May 1, 2022. Seed Fund recipients will be announced in mid-May 2022 with access to such funds effective June 1, 2022. Ph.D. fellowships will be effective in fall 2022. Please also review the mission statement of the E-CET in the Viterbi School of Engineering. For further information and application forms please visit:

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