Alexander A. Robinson

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Expertise: Landscape architecture; Landscape infrastructures (green infrastructure); Sustainable landscape system, technologies, and materials; Landscape aesthetics; Natural landscape form, function, and process, including fractals; Landscape surveying; Engineering and landscape architecture; Urban heat island; Landscape urbanism; GIS mapping; Tactical urbanism; Owens Valley and Owens Lake Dust Control Project; The intersection of water politics, infrastructure and open space; Los Angeles River, history of design and contemporary work; Hydraulic modeling and other design technologies; Contemporary parks and open space

Alexander Robinson is an Assistant Professor in the USC Landscape Architecture & Urbanism program, an Affiliate of both the Spatial Sciences Institute and Wrigley Institute of Environmental Studies, and principal of the Office of Outdoor Research in Los Angeles, California. A landscape architect, researcher, and scholar he is a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome and a lifelong explorer of California. His research advances the design craft, resilience, and societal value of large-scale, multifunctional infrastructures through a synthesis of historical analysis, advanced design tools, and public engagement. Subjects include Owens Lake, Los Angeles River, Salton Sea, and Tevere (Tiber) River, as well as other infrastructure/open-space hybrids. Prior to his academic appointment, Alexander worked at SWA Group, MLA-Studio, and Stoss and contributed to major regional infrastructure master plans, including the award-winning 2005 Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan that has guided the city for the last decade. His own practice, the Office of Outdoor Research won a 2018 ASLA (Southern California Chapter) Merit Award for the RebArena.

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