Iraj Ershaghi

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Expertise: Smart Oilfield Technologies; Naturally Fractured Reservoirs; Pressure Transient Modeling; Reservoir Characterization and Compartmentalized Systems; Characterization of Unconsolidated Reservoirs

Iraj Ershaghi is the Omar B. Milligan Professor and Director of the Petroleum Engineering Program at USC. He is also serving as the Executive Director of CiSoft and the Executive Director of UKC Education Research Center. His research areas include well test modeling of complex naturally fractured reservoirs, pattern recognition techniques for monitoring water floods and EOR processes, reservoir characterization, unconventional resources, and soft computing concepts in digital oilfield design and operations. 

He worked for SIRIP, Signal Oil and Gas, CA State Lands Commission, and has served as a consultant to U. S. Dept. of Justice, U. S. Dept. of Interior, Chemical Research Laboratories, McFarland Energy, National Bureau of Standards, CRC and many others.

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