A Quad-Band Near-Field Antenna Array for a Multistatic Microwave Imaging Chamber

Posted on by Stephen Gee

A new quad-band tapered patch transmit-receive antenna array designed for a multistatic microwave imaging cavity system is presented. The reverberating cube-shaped chamber is filled with a matching fluid emulsion and encompasses 64 antenna elements mounted on its sidewalls (16 per panel). Four resonant frequencies that lie in the range of 0.5−3 GHz are achieved. The design procedure is provided based on system constraints and performance requirements that need to be taken into account: (1) the near-field nature of the electromagnetic wave in the presence of a shielded chamber and (2) the propagation of waves into the immersion fluid within the imaging domain. The antenna array design was numerically verified, and its prototype was fabricated. Results show good agreement between measurements and simulations, achieving antenna system performance requirements.

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