Islamul Haque

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Email: [email protected]

Graduation Year: 2022

Research Focus: Market Based Mitigation Policies and Firm Dynamics, Adaptation Challenges for Developing Countries, Pollution and Health

Islamul Haque is a Ph.D student at the Department of Economics and a research associate at USC Center for Sustainability Solutions of the University of Southern California. He is an applied microeconomist with particular interest in Environmental and Development Economics. More specifically, he analyzes market based mitigation policies in a world with preexisting distortions and industry dynamics of the associated sector. He is also interested in analyzing the challenges faced by developing countries to adapt in the new climate economy. His recent work gives evidence of a tension between adaptation and specialization in the rural areas of Bangladesh. He also analyze health impacts of pollution. His recent joint project aims at providing causal evidence of health impacts of the air pollution regulations in China.

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