Ruozi Song

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Email: [email protected]

Graduation Year: 2022

Research Focus: Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization

Ruozi Song is a third-year PhD student at the Department of Economics of the University of Southern California. She holds a BS in Statistics from Fudan University in China, and a MA in Economics from the New York University. Before entering the PhD program, she worked as a consultant at Deloitte in China, and as a data scientist at a fintech startup in New York City.

Her primary research interests involve Environmental Economics and Industrial Organization. She focuses on understanding how firms, depending on market structure, make decisions about production and innovation, and how the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of environmental policies can be evaluated and improved. Her work includes the distributional spillover effects of incomplete environmental policies, the cost-effectiveness of demand-side versus supply-side subsidy in technology adoption, etc. Ruozi’s goal is to help incentivize developing countries and less-favored groups, such as households with lower income, to tackle environmental issues in a more efficient way.

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